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Our Fire Protection team specializes in fire sprinkler work for residential and commercial buildings. We provide design, installation, maintenance, and repair services for all types of fire sprinkler systems. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to making sure your building is safe and secure against the threat of fire.

a Fire Sprinkler System



Fire sprinkler systems are an essential part of a comprehensive fire protection system. They are designed to detect a fire and automatically activate, suppressing the fire with a spray of water. Fire sprinklers are a reliable and effective way to protect your property and personnel from the threat of fire.


Fire sprinklers are a reliable and effective fire protection service that can save lives and property from the destructive effects of a fire. Our certified technicians will install and maintain fire sprinklers and sprinkler heads in your business, ensuring safety and peace of mind. With our fire sprinkler services, you can rest assured that your property is protected.

Get started with Alliance!

At Alliance Safety and Fire Protection, we provide the highest level of fire protection services. Our team of experts provide professional fire sprinkler installation services. We use the latest technology to ensure your fire sprinkler system is installed correctly and safely to help protect your property in the event of a fire. Our services are tailored to your specific needs and budget.

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